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"...working with crews of 15-30 on other films outside his own, we got to see Justin work in all types of roles. Within this capacity and that of a director on his own films, I can confidently say he is a director that has great collaboration skills, works well with all departments, is very strong when working with actors (in-experienced and experienced), has strong leadership qualities, is trustworthy when it comes to people’s needs and above all else his temperament as a director is excellent."

Sandra Sciberras / Head | Senior Lecturer 

Faculty of Fine Arts and Music University of Melbourne

"We invited Justin to be the video director for the project after he showed us his talent for honouring and nurturing story with his fellow writers, as well as his video-making capabilities through his showreel. Justin has worked thoughtfully with the other writers to bring out authentic and real stories that remain true to the writer’s vision, cultural and lived experience, and creative response to the development of the story."

Ian Bone / Co-Director 

Artist Made Productions

"I was immediately struck by his warmth, cultural depth and professionalism. Justin has a wonderful ability to see great things in other people and bring them to the table and make them aware of Aboriginal and Islander cultural needs and wishes in relation to whatever project he is engaged in at the time. Justin is a reliable, consistent and caring person. These qualities and the above unique insight into community relations places him in a position to reach for his dreams, and yet still inspire community and encourage other new film makers."

John Wayne Parsons / Schools & Community Liaison Officer

Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts & Cultural Development

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