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'A Piece of Us' Trailer
Being Indigenous Australian, full interview with Justin Rhys Grant

Being Indigenous Australian, full interview with Justin Rhys Grant

I sat down with Justin and he allowed me to ask all the tough questions that that have been on my mind with being Aboriginal. He is a filmmaker based in Melbourne but grew up in warlpiri (Central Australia) Gurindji (Border Western Australia) and Djauan (just outside of Katherine). 00:00:00 - Intro 00:00:47 - What tribe are you from? 00:01:21 - Have you had an Identity crisis? 00:04:16 - Do you feel like you're always representing your culture? 00:11:03 - Where do the stereotypes about Aboriginal people come from? 00:12:15 - Is it a lack of knowledge and understanding? 00:19:34 - What are your thoughts on January 26th? 00:21:05 - Should there be more Indigenous people in the media/TV? 00:25:21 - Does it start with Education? 00:29:12 - Making Indigenous people in charge of teaching the culture? 00:34:24 - What can we do as a Nation to all get along? 00:37:39 - Should sport stars and actors not be political? 00:47:35 - Have you ever received racism in Australia? 00:52:16 - What's the one thing about your culture that others can't seem to understand? 00:57:04 - Helping Indigenous people get into higher job roles? 00:59:16 - Always up for a conversation? 00:59:49 - Witchenini Entertainment 01:01:06 - Acknowledgment of Country ALSO CHECK OUT THE OTHER SOCIALS: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: I acknowledge and pay respect to the Woiworung people of the Kulin nation, the Traditional Custodians and original storytellers of the land on which Beyond a Thought is made. I would like to pay my respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging, and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. I also pay my respects to the matriarchs who have and continue to bear the brunt of colonisation. Sovereignty was never ceded, so this always ways and always will be Aboriginal Land. #Aboriginal #Australia #JustinGrant
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December 2019

A father, spiraling out of control, succumbed by the grief of losing his son embarks on an unexpected journey where he finds an aboriginal elder who helps him discover the answer to his and his ex-wife's loss.

September 2017

A young girl filled with life suddenly falls into depression when her innocence is stolen.

Her voice is reduced to silence. A close friend may be the only salvation she has left.

April 2023

A young couple from two different worlds - privilege and poverty - are held together through the struggles they share with society.

January 2015

A new modeling world taken through a movie scene. We walk and record our show both changing and captivating the audience. Whilst the audience sits, the modelling world is played out for them.

September 2016

Is about a group of Aboriginal kids who have turned into assassins after finding out how the drug lords killed their families with the drug ice.   

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